Shower systems have been around for decades. In today’s industry, companies have been working diligently to release new systems that are designed specifically for installation underneath tile products. Many companies have realized these all-inclusive kits not only aid in quicker and more efficient installations, but allow both the designer and installer to remain free with the overall design.

For the remodel of an existing bathroom in a private residence in Canada, an installer turned to products from M-D Pro in Mississauga, Ontario. “The client wanted more usable space,” said Paul Ewens, president of P.K.E. Marble and Tile in Port Carling, Ontario. “The existing bathroom was gutted and then redesigned. M-D Pro has a wide variety of waterproof shower pan systems, whether it’s an offset, linear or center drain, and multiple options for custom showers.”

To give a more modern feel to the space, Ewens created a completely waterproof shower system utilizing M-D Pro’s Prova products. “I used the Prova Board Plus tile backerboard, Prova-Seal, Prova-Flex tile underlayment and Prova Drain,” he said. “I have been using Prova products for just over 12 years and have not had an issue.”

Underneath the tile, Ewens also incorporated a Green Cable Surface XL floor heating system from Flextherm, Inc. in Mooers, NY. “The setting material I used for the marble tile installation was a polymer-modified thinset, Ardex X 5,” he added.

Before Ewens began the installation, he was tasked with leveling the floors and plumbing the walls. “The home is approximately 20 years old, so things were out of plumb and out of level,” the installer explained. “We had to make it right before I could complete my installation.”

Aside from the main bathroom, Ewens also completed two smaller powder rooms in the home. Underneath the tile in these smaller spaces, he utilized Prova Flex-Heat, a lightweight and versatile uncoupling membrane with heating cable capabilities.

It took Ewens and his helper approximately two weeks to complete the installations, which have been well received by the homeowner. “He is just ecstatic,” said Ewens. “Every time I see him, he stops me and tells me how much he loves it. The designer and general contractor, both of whom I have worked with on many projects, had the same reaction.”

Private residence

Ontario, Canada

Designer: Taylor Made Designs, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
General Contractor: Brian Hoar Inc., Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada
Tile Installer: P.K.E. Marble and Tile, Port Carling, Ontario, Canada
Installation Products: M-D Pro, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Prova Board Plus, Prova-Seal, Prova-Flex, Prova Flex-Heat and Prova Drain); Ardex, Aliquippa, PA (Ardex X 5); Flextherm, Inc., Mooers, NY (Green Cable Surface XL)