NAC Products is taking bathroom waterproofing to the next level.

The Extreme Waterproofing System for bathrooms offers a variety of bathroom installation options that bring NAC waterproofing and sound control membrane systems together for surfaces that require waterproofing with impact and audible sound reduction.

Installing Super SAM® 125 or SAM® 3 sound abatement sheet membranes on a bathroom floor will provide sound reduction and crack isolation protection for up to 3/8 inch of lateral substrate movement. SubSeal® Liquid Waterproofing membrane can be used on the shower walls and in the shower pan to create a water tight seal perfect for setting tile.

A variety of drawings showcasing the systems can be accessed on the website under the “Technical” tab. There are six images showing different system options, including SAM® 3, Super SAM® 125, Strataflex® and ECB® membranes combining with SubSeal® Liquid.  In addition, there is a drawing of the Extreme Waterproofing System for exterior decks.

An added benefit of the Extreme Waterproofing System is that the NAC sheet membranes also provide up to 3/8 inch crack isolation protection.

The drawings are not instructions on how to install the system, but a visual representation of the products involved for various membrane system options for bathrooms.