When an interior designer was tasked with finding a local, reliable tile contractor to complete the remodel of her client’s main bathroom, she turned to Sharon Taylor of Viva Tiling in London, UK. After learning Taylor was awarded Tile Fixer of the Year from The Tile Association (TTA) last year, the designer thought she would be the perfect fit for the project.

Taylor, an experienced installer who owns the London-based company, was given a layout that both the homeowner and designer planned, which incorporated Sicis mosaics in the shower. A decorative wall within the shower was created using 59- x 106 1/4-inch sheets of the “Salice Gold” pattern, which sit against a backdrop of 10- x 10-inch sheets of “Brillante” tiles from the company’s Diamond Mosaic collection. Embracing a dripping design, as if the tiny tiles were poured from the top of the wall, Salice Gold features 3-D hexagonal shapes accented with varying beige and bronze tones. Its background complement, Brillante, utilizes hints of 24-carat gold, silver and copper leaves to create diamond-shaped tesserae.

“The tiles are paper-faced glass mosaics with a coated colored backing,” said Taylor. “Sicis made the design fit specifically to the shower area.”

Having trained at Bisazza in Italy to install these types of intricate tile designs, Taylor knew exactly what she was doing when it came to the installation of Sicis’ mosaics. After recognizing the need for a R2T adhesive, she placed the tiles using Nicobond Starlike white epoxy grout, an extreme performance grout that can be used as a mortar, which was supplied by Nicholls & Clarke (N&C) in London. She then grouted the tiles with Starlike Crystal, a translucent epoxy mortar, also supplied by N&C.

“I applied a scratch coat of white, cement-based adhesive over the substrate first to get a uniform and flat finish,” Taylor explained. “As I was using pots (2.5 kg) of epoxy, the whole pot had to be applied to the substrate in one go before I installed the mosaics, otherwise the epoxy would just go off in the pot before I could apply it. I used my 3- x 3.5-mm Bisazza trowel.”

Working on her own, Taylor completed the project in about two weeks. “The customer loves it,” she said. “With the high ceiling, it certainly has the ‘wow’ factor.”

Private residence

London, UK

Tile Installer: Viva Tiling, Inc., London, UK
Tile Supplier: Sicis, Ravenna, Italy (Diamond Mosaic collection)
Installation Products: Nicholls & Clarke, London, England (Nicobond Starlike and Starlike Crystal); Bisazza, Alte, Vicenza, Italy (trowel)