Vicenza, Italy -- Profilitec has produced a fully-animated video featuring Showertec, which offers all​ ​necessary elements to build or renovate a waterproof, maintenance-free shower area.

Showertec offers advantages such as vapor permeance levels that conform to industry requirements for steam showers​; and high-density, pre-waterproofed foam elements ​which contain recycled content, underscoring Profilitec’s commitment to incorporate environment- friendly materials whenever possible.

The new video showcases the entire Showertec system, which is comprised of: pre-sloped shower tray incorporating the Foiltec waterproof and vapor tight membrane, which is pre-attached, assuring simple and quick installation while surpassing all industry requirements for steam showers; a shower curb made of high density EPS foam and pre-wrapped in Foiltec waterproof membrane on all sides; a Foiltec Membrane that is waterproof and vapor tight with a 0​.033 perm rating (ASTM E96-E) rating; and a Foiltec sealing strip; a square drain kit composed of a bonding ​flange with vertical drain and integrated anchoring membrane, a Foiltec circular waterproof membrane ring, Foiltec internal and external corners and square drain, which is composed of​ ​a ring for the vertical alignment of the drain, grid support, construction plug​, plus grid and fasteners.

“Our latest how-to video is very explicit and helps viewers understand our product, its components and more importantly, guides them through the installation process,​” said Greg Gelston, president of Profilitec. “Sealed systems such as Showertec have enabled the process to build a shower less labor intensive. Our new video demonstrates that even further.”

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