LEXINGTON, KY -- Florida Tile introduces PietraArt Premier Marble. Like the great masters throughout history, today’s interior designers use marble to create stunning masterpieces -- spaces that define luxury, quality and a timeless aesthetic that is at once current, yet made to trend beautifully into the future.

Used as the foundation for both residential and commercial destinations, PietraArt Premier Marble is an extraordinary example of nature’s beauty that will provide matchless versatility and elegance for decades.

According to Florida Tile director of marketing, Tressa Samdal, “Florida Tile selected this exquisite line of natural stone to offer the most desirable sizes in the most desirable colors. It fits perfectly within our brand and gives our customers an extensive array of tile choices.”

Graceful movement and unique nuances of the veining found in this line are poetic and distinctive. The broad range of colors, along with either polished or honed finishes, provide options that will set any project apart.

Eight elegant stone choices, each with unique flare and personality, are available in varying field tile sizes.  The line is offered in seven sizes, nine mosaics, as well as pencil and chair rails. The range of choice and style make this collection the answer to all of your natural stone needs.

“Natural products are always beautiful and interesting because each piece installed is truly unique,” added Samdal.

To create an environment that exudes sophistication and refinement, only the natural artistry PietraArt Premier Marble from Florida Tile will do.