Blacksmiths through history have done more than fabricate raw metal; the true artists of the craft use an anvil, hammer and blazing heat to create unique works of value and longevity. From this tradition, Mediterranea utilizes the heat of the kiln to create a porcelain tile that fuses the essential elements of metal and wood — the result being the company’s boldest tile concept yet, the Forge series.

Forge is unlike any design offered for the American marketplace. Mediterranea selected a color palette of five perfectly balanced shades to highlight real wood graphics and essential metal elements: Steel, Iron, Copper, Titanium and Lithium.

To bring these extraordinary graphics to life, Forge is made in the U.S. in the large-format 24- x 48-inch size, as well as 12- x 48- and 8- x 48-inch formats. Mediterranea utilizes the very latest inkjet technology to craft Forge, with a Dynamic HD Imaging process applying the finishing touch with a delicate metallic sheen on the surface. All of these elements create a one-of-a-kind look that is unmatched in the American marketplace. Forge offers a dynamic look that is perfectly in line with today’s design trends.