BETHANY, CT -- Laticrete, a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, has introduced its Resinous Flooring Estimator -- a state-of-the-art online tool for construction professionals utilizing Spartacote products for their floor coating projects. The new tool allows users, both the general public and authorized Laticrete distributors, to specify their floor or wall area, receive a detailed estimate of the individual components of any Spartacote system, quantities and optional accessories, and place an order to be shipped directly from Laticrete in a few quick steps.

“We have combined our existing estimation tool with an online ordering system to create a brand-new project estimation experience,” said Kenneth Tarwood, director of marketing information systems. “Our Resinous Flooring Estimator represents a significant advantage to contractors who specify Spartacote products for their projects. It not only provides a direct purchase path to speed up the entire ordering process, but also helps introduce high-performance products to customers that may not have known about them previously.”

Spartacote resinous and decorative coating systems offer customers customizable floor coatings that suit a wide variety of applications. Key advantages of using Spartacote systems for coatings contractors include excellent impact, chemical and abrasion resistance, extended working times and rapid-cure properties that are designed to dry within a couple hours and be driven on within 24 hours. Additionally, these systems offer superior durability for long-lasting installations.