Atlanta, GA -- Oldcastle recently introduced a new color/texture of Mirage Porcelain Veneers called Ardesie, with the unique look of natural elements. This porcelain veneer collection is available in four colors: Island, Black Reef, African Stone and Shore. As with all Mirage colors, Ardesie coordinates with several items in the Belgard® porcelain paver collection for mixing and matching to create a harmonious outdoor space.

Mirage Porcelain Veneers, including the Ardesie collection, allows the designer to specify products from a moderate color pattern variation (V3) to a substantial color variation (V4). This offers design professionals the flexibility to select the style that best complements their design and delivers instant depth to a living space, commercial property or business setting.

Just as fine art is created in Florence, Italy, Mirage Porcelain Veneers are crafted by Italian artisans. They rise above and beyond traditional veneer alternatives, with durability and an extremely high compressive strength. Mirage sets a new standard for modern masonry design with a high density and an ultra-low water absorption rate that creates a tight surface. This allows the veneers to fend off surface mold, moss, dirt and other types of stains found in exterior environments. This product does not require any treatments (sealers) and is unaffected by effloresce or discoloration, making it perfect for around water features.

The units are small and thin at 4 x 8 inches, with a thickness ranging from .30 to .60 inches, making it a perfect option for vertical wall coverings for interior and exterior applications.

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