ORLANDO, FL -- PatentDive Educator, a creativity engineering company and portfolio company of Innovation Catalyst, the funding and investment arm of Research Park Corporation, recently announced that schools preparing students for the workforce of the future have an exciting new tool: the first curriculum to combine STEM, business, creativity and patent education: PatentDive Educator, which debuted January 29, 2019, at the Future of Education Technology Conference.

PatentDive Educator aims to make learning joyful, engage students with different learning styles and help them succeed in STEM industries. The curriculum includes lectures, assessment tools, software licenses and more. Educator is also available as a workbook.

Educator has been well-received in high school and university pilots. PatentDive has also donated use of the software for patent professionals for the past three years to file patent applications for participants at girls’ STEM days and Louisiana FIRST LEGO League. Full details, including metrics and quotes, are available for a charity-driven implementation of the PatentDive Educator prosthetics project at Brother Martin High School in New Orleans, LA.

The USPTO has found that wages in IP-intensive industries are 42% higher than other sectors. In specifically patent-based industries, the premium is even higher (73%). And it’s growing. Unfortunately, these rewards aren’t accessible to everyone -- women are significantly underrepresented. Yale researchers found that women contribute less than 8% of all inventorships.

“Meaningful innovation education is so important. Above all, a patent protects an innovation so that people have the motivation to continue to build things. Our curriculum empowers students to do this through group projects. Educator reinforces patent concepts by allowing each student to come up with a practice invention through a fun educational game,” said Eric Leininger, PatentDive CEO.

 “It feels wonderful to turn your idea into a solution people throughout the world can use. Everyone should have the tools to realize their vision,” said Clare Donovan, PatentDive education director and a patent holder.