AURORA, CO -- Uzin Utz North America, Inc. recently announced the introduction of Uzin NC 112 Turbo Generation S Premium Leveling Compound. Uzin NC 112 Turbo is a synthetic gypsum-based leveling compound with Super Fast Technology™, an innovative hydration process that allows for installation of most floor coverings after just six hours.

This new formulation provides a solid and durable finish over difficult and mixed substrates and its optimum performance ensures peace of mind, even in difficult and demanding jobsite conditions. It’s essentially cover-ready, which eliminates the labor cost involved in post installation surface preparation.

Its other features and benefits include exceptional compressive strength, which creates great load-bearing capacity; superior flow characteristics that result in a flat, level, smooth and cover-ready surface; and the synthetic gypsum formulation develops extremely low tensile pull and reliable stress-free drying and curing. It also meets both the stringent Emicode EC 1 Plus certification and CA Section 01350 requirement for healthy indoor air quality, as well as the requirement as a LEED v4 contributing product.

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