CENTERVILLE, OH -- Better Tools, a blade and flooring installation tool manufacturer, has introduced a new product that will extend the life of knee pads worn by flooring installers. Better Tools featured the BT130 Gorilla Guard Knee Pad Protector at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas, NV, in January 2019.

The new BT130 Gorilla Guard Knee Pad Protectors cover over most knee pads. These covers act as a barrier against jobsite glue, mud and grime that can transfer from unprotected, dirty knee pads to new surfaces.

“Knee pads get messy. Installers wear knee pads for comfort and support,” said Lori Rhoads, inside sales manager of Better Tools. “They also require knee pads that don’t damage their work area. Our goal is to provide an affordable, efficient alternative to the time consuming task of tapping knee pads to create a barrier. The BT130 Gorilla Guard Knee Pad Protectors are easy on and off, inexpensive, reusable and washable.”