DALTON, GA -- USG Corp., an industry-leading manufacturer of building products and innovative solutions, including a complete offering of gypsum-based solutions, and global flooring provider, Shaw Industries, have completed a multi-year evaluation of gypsum-based underlayments. The extensive testing and assessment resulted in modified installation specifications and rehabilitation guidelines based upon a better understanding of the entire floor covering system, rather than singular components within the system.

“Through our partnership with USG, we have learned a great deal about gypsum floors,” said Julie Brumbelow, director of technical support at Shaw Industries, one of the largest floor covering manufacturers in the world. “There are products available today that are far superior to those used in the past.”

Shaw’s approved gypsum-based underlayments must meet a minimum compressive strength of 3,000 psi for carpet, resilient and hardwood floor coverings. With products available in a variety of compressive strengths, USG offers numerous underlayment solutions to fit Shaw’s specifications.

In addition to modified installation specifications for all of its flooring products, Shaw supports USG’s Rehabilitation Guidelines for Damaged Gypsum Underlayments. The guidelines provide a solution to repair existing damaged or compromised gypsum underlayments while maintaining building code requirements based on ASTM E119/UL 263 standards for fire resistance.

“We have worked hard over the years to remove the stigma associated with gypsum-based underlayments and appreciate Shaw’s willingness to collaborate with us through this lengthy process,” said Ray Kaligian, director of advanced technologies for Performance Flooring at USG.

USG has been a leader in gypsum-based solutions for nearly 20 years, when the company introduced its line of Levelrock® products, designed to increase minimum compressive strengths and eliminate the weak floors of the past. USG also implemented a stringent quality control program with its contractor base to ensure proper installation, a critical component in successful flooring systems.

“Ensuring floor covering manufacturers recognize the high standards we place on our products is key to advancing gypsum-based solutions,” said Kaligian. “We’re incredibly proud of what we have accomplished not only for ourselves but also for the entire gypsum industry.”