TORINO, ITALY -- This year, the company from Fiorano Modenese is extending its range with the introduction of Ceramiche Piemme Contract, a division dedicated to ceramic collections created to support the designer in choosing finishes for public and private spaces.

“Today, having a competitive edge means knowing how to interpret the needs of your target customers, in every sector,” said Davide Colli, COO of Ceramiche Piemme. "These days, it is no longer enough to offer cutting edge technology and renew one’s range with a clear vision of what is to come. Instead it is crucial to offer a truly dedicated, tailor-made service to every type of clientele. And this makes it important to create a space in which the professional can find technical solutions and style options for their designs."

Ceramiche Piemme Contract was created to facilitate the construction industry chain linking customer to company. The new brand offers two new products: the Ageless and Venetian Marble collections of tiles in fine porcelain stoneware, which will be presented to the American market for the very first time during Coverings 2019 in Orlando, FL.

Venetian Marble combines the technical performances of state-of-the-art stoneware with the fine aesthetics of Venetian terrazzo flooring. Ageless is inspired by the finish of industrial concrete resin; thanks to the most modern digital technologies, the researchers of Ceramiche Piemme have perfectly reproduced the typical directional streaks created when manually or mechanically laying the mortar.

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