WATSONVILLE, CA -- Whether they’re on the coast or deep in the heartlands, homeowners can channel the relaxing vibe of sandy beaches with Dunes series tiles from Island Stone. The elegantly drawn out subway tiles are sculpted with an offset angled surface, forming a flow of connected ridges reminiscent of wind-swept sand dunes. The tapering trapezoid relief dances across the wall surface, creating intriguing shadows while remaining contemporary and clean for long-lasting appeal.

The addition of two new colors -- Crystal White and Typhoon Grey -- rounds out the line’s range, which also includes Sandstone Mint and Sandstone Ocean. Each color’s incandescent surface softens its geometric, sculptural design, creating a marble-like finish.

“Every homeowner can appreciate the serenity of a quiet day at the beach. Dunes captures that essence, emulating the subtle movement of the sand and dunes dancing gently in the breeze,” said Jeff Nibler, COO and president of sales for Island Stone. “The elegant interpretation is transcendent and sophisticated at the same time.”

Dunes quarried stone’s wavy relief patterned tile comes meshed in a straight stack successively placed to create an exclusive finished surface. Each tile measures 7 1/2 x 11 3/4 inches and from 1/4- to 5/8-inch-thick. While the tumbled natural stone designs are ideally installed with grout, they can also be installed dry stacked.