Behind the stern facade of a working class city, Turin becomes a home to the most peculiar people. In a beautiful corner of Turin, between the River Po and the Gran Madre, one can find Ristorante Papo, where a homey spirit and care for taste and innovation become the leitmotiv of a location that focuses above all on quality. A vision shared with Ceramiche Caesar that has been chosen for the supply of the restaurant’s floors, under the common denominator of high aesthetic and performance-related requirements.

The inspiration for the decor comes from the restaurant’s catchphrase: “The taste of the sea in the center of Turin.” This is also the starting point of the choice of materials used.

The Trace collection of porcelain stoneware tiles, which incorporate a metal effect, were selected for the floors in the “Mint” color. Its peculiar chromatic effects bring to mind a stormy sea. The 120- x 120-cm format amplifies the sensation of depth and vastness of the sea, in a perfect mix of originality and harmony.

The aesthetic features complete the exceptional technological performance of the material to offer the sturdiness, durability, water-proof properties and ease-of-cleaning.

Ristorante Papo

Turin, Italy

Tile Supplier: Ceramiche Caesar, Modena, Italy (Trace)