BETHANY, CT -- After extensive market research among distributors and end users, Laticrete has revamped its Stonetech® product line packaging to communicate what the products are and do more quickly and clearly to better serve its customers.

What's new?

  • New labels to identify product categories within the line: 
    • Green labels are for cleaners 
    • Red labels are for enhancing sealers 
    • Yellow labels are for natural-look penetrating sealers 
  • Updated product claims to more clearly communicate core features and benefits 
  • The bottles were redesigned to improve existing induction seals for sturdier packaging; spray bottles and tops will now feature a semi-locking mechanism
  • Informative icons have been added to identify safe products that are water of solvent-based, no VOC or low VOC
  • New product guarantee icon to reassure customers that Laticrete stands by its products; several products have updated warranties

Please note, this is strictly a packaging design change. The formulas and performance of each of the products remain the same.

The newly designed products are available beginning in April 2019. For more information, visit