AKRON, OH -- Strataflex® is a thin, (approx. 1/16-inch) peel-and-stick, sheet membrane designed for use on interior or exterior floor surfaces that require waterproof protection.

Installed with an NAC primer, Strataflex® features a 2-inch double stick lap joint, which creates a watertight seal to form a continuous, impervious water barrier that provides long-lasting waterproof protection.

However, Strataflex® does more than just provide waterproof protection. The high strength, self-bonding, elastomeric sheet membrane is composed of a base layer of polymer-modified elastomers permanently laminated to a unique "stress flex" fiber sheet that will also protect hard surface flooring from in-plane, structural movement for up to 3/8-inch crack isolation protection.

Strataflex® will also protect against Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) for up to 10#/1,000 square feet in 24 hours when used with NAC TAC or NS 97 primers and up to 7#/1,000 square feet in 24 hours when used with NAC TAC II primer.

The versatility of Strataflex® does not end there, as it also works with a variety of radiant-heated floors and tile warming systems and may even be installed over existing, structurally sound floors.

Finally, because Strataflex® is a peel-and-stick membrane applied with an NAC primer, tile and other hard surface flooring may be installed immediately, reducing costly delays, while some other membranes systems must fully cure before flooring may be installed.

Strataflex® is the ultimate solution for apartments, condominiums, hotels, restaurants, malls, high-rise office buildings, bathrooms, kitchens and any commercial or residential installations requiring waterproof protection.