LOS ANGELES, CA -- Walker Zanger, one of the industry’s leading natural stone and tile design resources in North America, recently announced the launch of Kaleidoscope, a colorful new collection of porcelain tile that pays homage to the experimental and playful spirit of postmodern design. Featuring geometric shapes in a pastel palette of matte pink, greens and blues, Kaleidoscope gives designers permission to create playful, personalized patterns.

“Just like the geometric glass fractals of a kaleidoscope, this singular collection of tiles is meant to produce countless combinations of colors and compositions for a range of custom-tailored designs,” said Erika Egede-Nissen, director of marketing at Walker Zanger. “Kaleidoscope offers the opportunity to play with multidimensional color or to take a minimal approach with glossy white tile and geometric patterns.”

When Milan-based Memphis Style intersects with the pop art movement, nostalgic style bursts onto the scene. The modern-yet-retro feel of Kaleidoscope encourages both designers and homeowners to express their personalities by using combination of colors and patterns on walls and floors. Available in triangular and square-shaped porcelain tiles, Kaleidoscope is suitable for residences and light commercial floor applications, as well as pools, spas, fountains and steam rooms.

The new collection is the first to debut under Walker Zanger’s new Design Realized campaign, which encourages design trade professionals and homeowners to consider and explore new styles through Walker Zanger’s curated collection of natural stone, tile and wood products. Kaleidoscope recalls a Nostalgic Maximalist aesthetic, which is known for its playful layers of pattern, texture and color that create a statement through bold sophisticated stylings.

To learn more about Kaleidoscope, visit walkerzanger.com.