Manhattan Beach, CA, offers some of the most admirable views of the Pacific Ocean. The oceanfront spans half of the size of the city, which also makes it one of the most desirable places to live.

As a resident, if you’re not at the beach, you’re bound to be poolside somewhere, especially in the summertime when temperatures can near 100 degrees. For one local homeowner who was renovating their outdoor pool and spa area, a Moroccan-inspired theme encouraged the use of decorative handpainted tile from Arto Brick in Gardena, CA.

“The goal was to give the backyard a new and fresh modern Moroccan feel,” said designer, Lena Khattar, owner of Geagea Designs in Manhattan Beach, CA. “The clients allowed me to run with my creative power and imagination for their outdoor space.”

Khattar selected 8- and 12-inch tiles from Arto, which feature dozens of intricate motifs in shades of yellow, green, red and white. “I was inspired by a planter we have at our studio in which we cared for and encouraged the growth,” said Khattar. “From the succulent planter, I was able to pull color and fabrics to use in the design. The only design challenge was to find someone to create the tile the way I envisioned, which was achieved by Arto.”

The customized tiles took the Arto staff around 13 weeks to complete, but have since received great praise from the homeowner and visitors alike.

Private residence

Manhattan Beach, CA

Designer: Geagea Designs, Manhattan Beach, CA

Tile Supplier: Arto Brick, Gardena, CA