MODENA, ITALY -- The design trends for 2019 include outdoor spaces that match home interiors to an ever greater degree. The intent is to remove all barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces to give the idea of an “outdoor living room,” which is why EdilcuoghiEdilgres (Kale Italia) has designed collections that fulfil and enhance these desires. Designers speak of an “outdoor home,” an open-air home featuring intimate and cozy spaces, also using balconies, terraces and gardens.

The choice of furniture plays a crucial role in developing these projects, as does the choice of surfaces, by opting for matching solutions that perfectly enhance each space, but that are also resistant to the effects of time and have durable technical characteristics.

For its solutions, the EdilcuoghiEdilgres brand has always focused on meeting the requests and following the suggestions made by designers and architects, which is why many recent collections offer perfectly matching solutions that ensure visual continuity between indoor and outdoor floors.

The latest solutions, which were presented at Coverings 2019 in Orlando, FL in April, are available in three surface finishes. Absolute and Petra have smooth, velvety and precious surfaces for interiors and a safe, non-slip and easy-to-clean finish for exteriors.

The range of matching solutions is complemented by some of the brand’s most popular series -- Mapierre, Pietra di Sale, Pietra di Gré and Collettiva -- collections in which the beauty of inspirational stones is combined with the added value of creativity and versatility to create continuous open spaces.

The Petra and Pietra di Gré collections also include 20-mm-thick slabs. A complete solution for gardens, terraces and courtyards; slabs perfect for dry laying on grass or gravel, or for elevated or glued laying for driveways.