ASOLO, ITALY -- Being a crossroad for the latest design trends around the world, Paris has been the new stage where Progress Profiles, a leading Italian manufacturer of technical and decorative finishing profiles and membranes for construction and interior design, exhibited the wide range of innovative products and solutions to French customers and professionals.

To the Venetian firm, indeed, France represents a very important market where it gains market shares, registering a 15% grow in the first six months of 2019 thanks to an established local suppliers and distributors network as well.

In June, Progress Profiles opened a 200-square-meter temporary showroom in LAB Paris nearby the Opéra Garnier. The elegant furniture guaranteed great visibility to the range of firm’s solutions. With display units, explanatory panels and video, many clients, architects, designers and suppliers had the possibility to discover the high-quality materials, the many finishing’s matches and the innovative technology of laying systems.

Moreover, inside the temporary showroom, customers and professionals attended trainings and updating courses exploring specific issues, as cutting-edge electric heating systems to the perfect and simply tiles’ laying, from high-performance membranes to shower systems and the wide range of decorative and technical profiles.

“I am truly proud of our team’s activity in France,” said Dennis Bordin, Progress Profiles’ CEO. “This latest initiative has been a very important experience allowing us to export the best ‘Made in Italy’ in one of the greatest European capital, strengthening our position in the area and our relationships with French-Language countries and Benelux region’ customers. France is of the most relevant market and data from the latest six months confirmed we’re moving on the right way, focusing on high-quality materials and innovation, reinventing ourselves day by day.”

The Venetian firm, a worldwide leader manufacturing 100% “Made in Italy” products, has a headquarters in Asolo, Italy, and three more branch offices in Randolph, NJ; Dubai, UAE; and Melbourne, Australia.