Classic Calacatta Gold and rich black Nero marble take a new shape in Pinnacle, a distinctly modern dimensional pattern of deep, sharp triangular flutes carved into clean parallel channels. The pattern is ideal for feature walls in dramatic spaces, standout embellishments of architectural features, or cut into unique borders.

Calacatta Gold is a classic Italian milky white marble accented with soft gray and gold veining. Its sophisticated and elegant appearance has graced beautiful homes, famous architecture and statues for centuries. Pinnacle brings out a new side of Calacatta Gold, revealing a stone whose distinctive veining moves not just across the surface, but through it, for a dimensional presence that enhances the beauty this precious natural stone is renowned for. Nero is a deep black marble with a dusting of bright white veins that add a subtle, yet intriguing contrast, and the Pinnacle treatment gives these white veins additional pop, creating a sleek dynamic surface.

Pinnacle in either material can be paired with Calacatta Gold or Nero Marquina slabs, field tile and/or mosaics for seamless continuity, or work beautifully with stone tile of across our library. Pinnacle can be applied to all interior walls, including shower and steam room walls. Available in a honed finish only.