NORCO, CA -- Jeffrey Court Inc., an industry leader in decorative tile and stone, recently announced the release of all-new Chapter 7, Cubist™, adding over 35 new product offerings.

Commonly known for its use of two-dimensional parts that come together to create a larger perception of depth through the use of perspective, the new Collection features 18 stone mosaics, three field tiles and corresponding finishing pieces.

The natural stones available in this collection are honed and polished Thassos, Nero Marquina and Bardiglio marble, offered in a 2- x 4-inch mosaic called Abstract, a parquet-inspired mosaic called Avant, and an overlapping hex design named Carve.

“Through the use of tile, we’ve been able to replicate the abstract nature of the Avant Garde movement, to break up spaces for everyone to experience in their own unique way,” said Mike Manke, vice president of sales and marketing. “This allows for more of the customer’s personality to be showcased in their respective spaces. The possibilities with this Chapter are endless, and we are proud to offer an innovative collection of this kind.”

Matte silver and gold metal pieces are also present in this Collection as accents to the honed Thassos mosaics. The Carve mosaic is a combination of large and small hexagon pieces overlapping to form a distinctive larger abstract hexagon shape.

Featuring bold geometric patterns created by careful placement of cuts combined with colored natural stones or metal pieces and polished accents illuminate the Thassos marble to bring the Collection to life with the Avant mosaic.

The emphasis on the placement of colored natural stones and metal pieces in the Abstract mosaic, brings depth and contrast. Mod Herringbone mosaics and 2-inch Hexagon mosaics in solid stone are available in three colorways.

Natural stone 4- x 12-inch field tiles are also available in honed Thassos, polished Nero Marquina and polished Bardiglio marble.

Completing the Chapter are 1 7/8- x 12-inch Crown and 3/4- x 12-inch Dome trim in honed Thassos, polished Nero Marquina and polished Bardiglio.

Also available in this new Collection are glass mosaics and 1 7/8- x 9-inch field tiles in four colorways -- Ice, a clean white; Ash, a white with light gray tones; Clay, a unique blend of beige, cream and blue hues; and Cobalt, a rich blue shade with variation.

Chapter 7, Cubist is available at all Jeffrey Court authorized dealers in the U.S. and Canada.

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