TURIN, ITALY -- Glitch is the new collection of porcelain stoneware tiles designed by London design firm, Benoy. The word "glitch" refers to the flickering produced on a computer screen by an unforeseen error -- a theme very much in line with the design trend that favors imperfection as a sign of uniqueness. Hence the inspiration of the Benoy designers, expressed in eight colors in various sizes.

“We wanted to come up with wall tiles focusing on the distinctive irregularities of concrete surfaces such as cracks, films, scratches and wear, and reinterpret them for ceramics,” said Andy Piepenstock, Benoy design director. “The idea of Glitch is based on a paradox: instead of providing a digital reproduction of the flaws of nature, this collection gives tangible form to the flaws and errors of the digital world.”

The result is a contemporary collection ideal for both homes and commercial locations (Benoy's real specialism).

“Glitch expands our range and extends our concept of culturally upgrading our design,” added Davide Colli, COO of Ceramiche Piemme. “Technological updates and range renewal require continual inputs from designers and architects like Benoy, which handles construction projects.”