SANTA ANA, CA -- A recent research break-through now allows for the patented Aquaflex® waterproof adhesive to be “deactivated” for extended shelf life. A small foil packet is placed inside the pail containing a safe, non-hazardous “activator” solution. Prior to application, the activator can be added to the adhesive and mixed for approximately 60 seconds. The Aquaflex adhesive then “awakens” to cure in a similar fashion to previous ready-to-use (RTU) formulas.

“Reactive modified urethane chemistry can be very difficult to control,” said Benny Dickens, founder, CEO and chemist. “For years, our solution was a stable RTU formula that had a shelf-life between three and six months. This short shelf life made phased projects, schedule delays and warehouse distribution problematic. Now, with our deactivated formula we’ve essentially put the Aquaflex adhesive to sleep. Simply tearing open our foil activator packet and mixing awakens the adhesive to provide similar tack and set times as our RTU 100 Series formula.

“To our knowledge, this is the first 1K system to achieve shelf life beyond 12 months,” Dickens went on to say. “This innovation pushes the envelope of our present Aquaflex invention.”

Dickens added that additional patents will be filed to add to the existing domestic and international patent protections afforded Aquaflex.

Mitigation procedures are often required for installations with elevated concrete moisture creating costly construction delays. Aquaflex Waterproof Installation System avoids moisture mitigation, moisture testing, provides moisture control, noise attenuation (acoustics), and results in significant savings in both time and money. With Aquaflex, installation or repair takes just one day or one night, compared to the regular two-day turnaround required for traditional epoxy mitigation.

Aquaflex is a sustainable adhesive and provides the industry’s only bi-directional warranty, covering unlimited moisture from the concrete slab below or topical moisture from above. The Aquaflex system is effective in adhering a broad array of hard and soft surface flooring materials and is recommended to address the unique challenges found in commercial/retail space.

Key provisions of the Aquaflex Waterproof Acoustic Installation System include:

  • No silica. Aquaflex system includes silica-free concrete repair products.
  • Acoustic strategy. It provides sound attenuation qualifying IBC 2006, Sec 1207, ΔIIC 14
  • Quick and easy installation. Accomplish in one night what takes two days with epoxy mitigation.
  • Cost-effective. It eliminates the “change order” associated with epoxy mitigation or rolled barriers.
  • Sustainable content. Aquaflex is green and non-hazardous, with no VOCs.
  • Safe ingredients. It is safe for interior environments in schools and passes IAQ 01350, contributing LEED® v4.
  • Unparalleled performance. The system is warranted to an unlimited moisture and pH level.

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