ATLANTA, GA -- With long-standing respect in the profession, a variety of national awards under his belt and recognition as a thought leader in the community, Atlanta-based architect, Eric Kronberg, recently announced an expanded direction for his firm, and it comes with a new name to reflect the changes. Kronberg Urbanists + Architects (KUA) is now a multidisciplinary studio that utilizes architecture, urban design, real estate development and policy to make neighborhoods better.

“We started out as architects focused on designing great buildings, often working to breathe new life into overlooked existing structures through creative design,” said Kronberg, founder and principal. “Over time, we learned that a truly successful project for our clients required not just good building design but a deep understanding of factors like zoning, site design, mobility, equity and redevelopment finance.”

A natural evolution in services that occurred as the firm realized the breadth of awareness necessary to make a successful project, the holistic approach towards redevelopment enables actionable, cost-conscious solutions tailored to address challenges specific to each site.

KUA’s services include neighborhood redevelopment, architecture, urban design, development guidance, housing choice and zoning and policy assistance. Although officially featuring these services under the KUA umbrella is new, the firm has provided them on projects for decades.