SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO -- If you are a contractor in the State of California, you must file a $15,000 surety bond with the contractor’s state license board. Typically, applying for a surety bond requires the candidate to request an application, complete and submit it to a surety company, wait for a quote then wait for delivery of the bond to file with the state. Surety One, Inc. has just rolled out a portal that alleviates the application process altogether.

According to Constantin Poindexter, chief underwriter of Surety One, Inc., “What is important to us is ‘making it easy.’ We thought about the buyer’s journey on this. Most contractors are in the field all day so accessing a computer with a printer, completing an application and emailing or faxing it back to us is not customer friendly for them. We’ve changed that. Through our new portal, no application preparation is needed.”

The California contractor’s license bond link can be accessed through under the “Commercial Surety” tab. The application portal is configured to allow a contractor to enter his or her license number only. Upon entry, the site’s engine queries the CSLB database and automatically populates a digital application with the contractor’s information as it recorded in the state’s licensing file. The applicant may then request a formal quote by one click.

“The contractor’s bond quote function is really user friendly,” said Poindexter. “It works well on all platforms and works great on mobile. Applying for this type of surety bond has to be hassle-free for the contractor. It’s a really competitive space so this type of differentiator is important. It’s one of several benefits to coming to us.”