Levolution enables new and seasoned professionals to install evenly spaced, lippage-free tile quickly, so it’s secure throughout the setting material curing process. The spacers are durable, super easy to use and will take the guesswork out of your project. The caps are reusable and provide a wide base for strong and accurate tension creating tile that is level with its neighbor.

With Levolution, you’ll get consistent results across jobs, no matter who on your crew is setting the tile. To get started, level out the subfloor, put down the appropriate backer board, then lay down some mortar. As you lay the tiles, insert the appropriate Levolution spacer — the Flat Spacer for along the wall edges and the Cross or Tee Spacers just at the intersections. Levolution also offers universal spacers that flex to the Flat, Tee or Cross profile with a quick adjustment so you do not need to estimate how many of each style you need.

Now, cap it off. The caps in this system are universal and reusable; place them over the spacer by pushing straight down. The straight down motion of connecting the caps to the tile and spacer reduces risk for scratching or moving tile during install. Once caps are on, tighten them with the Levolution Evolver Tool; this reusable tensioning tool is designed to aid in proper leveling of floor and wall tile installations. It’s ergonomic, so no hand cramping even over the long haul. With simple cleaning and maintenance, the Evolver only takes three clicks to firmly lock on the cap and can be used over the course of thousands of square feet.

Once your tiles are in place, take a break. When your mortar has cured, come back and kick off the cap/top of the spacer. Put your shoes on and give it a swift kick in the direction of the grout or use the Evolver Tool when setting vertical tile. The spacer in the grout joint will disconnect from the bottom of the spacer that lays under the tile, leaving a clear line for grout. Caps are reusable by pulling out the separated spacer section.

Levolution accomplishes proper spacing using only two pieces, saving time over spacer leveling systems that use up to eight pieces for the same procedure. Two pieces per intersection also means less potential knee shrapnel. Level up your tile setting game with Levolution.