LOS ANGELES, CA -- President of C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. (CRL), Lloyd W. Talbert, released this statement today about the company’s response to COVID-19:

“Yesterday, I announced changes to our Will Call operations** in order to maintain recommended social distancing to protect our employees and customers, while doing our best to serve our customers during the COVID-19 virus situation.

  • **“The health and welfare of our employees and customers remain our paramount concern. With the enhanced guidance from the federal, state and local authorities on maintaining social distancing, we will be changing our Will Call service practices until March 30th. You can place your orders as normal online at www.crlaurence.com or on our toll free phone (800) 421-6144. During this period, we will not be accepting orders placed in person at our service centers. We strongly recommend orders be placed for UPS shipping to eliminate the need to visit our service centers. If your situation will not allow UPS shipping, we will do our best to service will call pick up orders. Please email WCOrders@crlaurence.com to schedule a pickup of your order. Please include your company name, phone number and order # (if known) and the time you’d like to pick up your order. Please provide at least two hours advance notification before you arrive. We will email a confirmation to you acknowledging the pickup. When you arrive, please drive to the loading dock in the parking lot and a CRL Representative will meet you at your vehicle and load your order. All CRL Service Centers currently open on Saturdays will be closed until further notice. They will be open during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

As this situation evolves daily, I want to reach out to give an update on the state of our operations.

We are taking the recommendations from federal, state and local agencies very seriously and doing our best to comply with all guidelines. We’ve been able to move staff to various locations to maintain appropriate social distancing with minimal disruption to operations.

We’re being ultra-cautious with any staff exhibiting cold/flu-like symptoms and are asking them to self-quarantine at home so long as they are symptomatic. We have had no confirmed reports of any exposure incidents to COVID-19 within our CRL family and hope the actions we take will keep it this way.

In addition to the modification we’ve made in our Will Call operations, we’re complying with an order in six Northern California counties to “shelter in place” for the next three weeks. This will likely mean we won’t be shipping out of our Union City location during this period. We plan to service our Northern California business from other locations, primarily Los Angeles. We have the inventory in place to continue to service our customers and do not see this impacting parcel shipments.

If other localities issue similar orders, which may impact our operations, we’ll let our employees and customers know immediately.

We are operating as close to normal as possible at all our other locations. We’ll continue to encourage our customers to place orders online and accept shipments via parcel or LTL. We’re pleased some of the recent changes we’ve made, such as no-freight backorders, shipping charge notification at the time of order and “Zone 1” rates on all ground shipments are having the impact of getting your orders in your hands quickly and economically.

Our call center in Los Angeles is operating as normal from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PDT and you can reach us as normal at (800) 421-6144.

In summary, the health and welfare of our employees, customers and our community will continue to drive our decisions. We understand your ability to do business with as little interruption as possible is critical and will do our best to provide uninterrupted service until this very serious situation passes.

As always, I invite you to reach out directly with any questions or comments at Lloyd_talbert@crlaurence.com."