SACRAMENTO, CA -- Inox has combined two of its own innovative, industry-first creations to expand its line of ceramic-coated finish options with the launch of LaserArt x CeraMax. This latest offering combines Inox’s CeraMax Rainbeaux ceramic-coated color palette with the artistry and customization of laser engraving, resulting in a virtually limitless assortment of project-specific and personalized door hardware options.

“At Inox, we are always looking to take hardware engineering to the next level, and we feel we have done that with LaserArt x CeraMax,” said Jeff Howes, president of Inox. “On their own, Laser Art and CeraMax Rainbeaux are two unique, industry-exclusive finish options, and layering the techniques enables us to create something even more beautiful.”

CeraMax ceramic coating helps prevent deterioration due to harsh environments in both commercial and residential interior applications, including cracking, chipping, peeling or flaking. The hardware is customized with virtually any color option from Inox’s CeraMax Rainbeaux and baked in a finishing chamber.

Inox uses its own in-house vanadate Crystal pump diode laser to create a custom design using its Laser Art technique. The laser can reproduce practically any line art to within an accuracy of 0.001 millimeters. This combination of innovative techniques results in a bold and dynamic display of color coupled with a unique, intricately engraved design for complete customization with any project.

LaserArt x CeraMax is available as a premium option for all Inox products. For more information, visit