BETHANY, CT -- Laticrete, a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, recently launched 3701 Lite Mortar and 3701 Lite Mortar R. The formula was crafted from carefully selected polymers, Portland cement and lightweight aggregates, and does not require the use of a latex admixture, only water. Additionally, there is no respirable crystalline silica, which is known to be harmful when inhaled. Both 3701 Lite Mortar and 3701 Lite Mortar R have excellent performance in vertical and overhead applications such as concrete repairs or wall renders.

“We wanted to not only improve workability, but also safety, which is why there is no respirable crystalline silica,” said Elvis Torres, Laticrete product manager. “The 3701 Lite Mortar and 3701 Lite Mortar R showcases the dedication Laticrete has in creating healthier jobsites and products that are easier to install for their customers. Plus, at half the weight of traditional bags of mortar while covering the same area, contractors work less and get more done. Who wouldn’t want that.”

At only 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms), 3701 Lite Mortar and 3701 Lite Mortar R are half the weight of conventional mortars, yet offer the same amount of coverage as a traditional 60-pound (27.2-kilogram) bag. The lightweight feature makes it easier and safer to transport and handle on the jobsite. The product is ideal for tight locations such as bathrooms, where mortar beds would be applied. Additionally, the versatile formula makes it freeze/thaw-stable, and perfect for interior or exterior applications. 

The 3701 Lite Mortar R is the rapid cure formula and allows for a quicker installation, drying faster at approximately two hours. Along with 3701 Lite Mortar and 3701 Lite Mortar R, Laticrete has launched three additional products for their first 2020 launch window, including Spectralock® 1, Laticrete Select-BondTM and SpartacoteTM Flex XPL Low Gloss.

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