MORENO VALLEY, CA -- iQ Power Tools, manufacturer of premium power tools with integrated dust collection systems, recently announced the release of a new educational video resource developed in partnership with the American Lung Association (ALA) to help those in the construction industry understand the dangers of exposure to silica dust and the risk of developing silicosis.

View the new video here.

“Our company teamed up with the American Lung Association to expand our reach and take the message of silica awareness to individual construction workers even further,” said Paul Guth, president of iQ PowerTools. “This video, part of our educational initiative, is a quick and easy resource to help foster better practices in employee safety, especially when it comes to silica dust exposure on the jobsite.”

“The video, featuring a pulmonologist who has treated patients with silicosis, truly highlights the danger of silica exposure,” added Sarah Hurtado, iQ’s marketing manager. “It demonstrates, on actual jobsites, the true level of exposure workers risk every day. We can talk about the dangers of silica all day long but when people actually see it, it makes more of an impact.”

Titled “Understanding Silicosis,” the 2 1/2-minute video includes a variety of related topics such as risk factors, causes, prevention, symptoms and treatments.

“This is just the beginning of our strategic partnership with the Lung Association and we have plans to team up with additional, leading construction industry associations to continue this awareness campaign,” Guth said. “Together, we can help minimize lung disease caused by silica dust and by doing so, raise the quality of life for individual construction workers.”

“About 2 million U.S. workers may be exposed to occupational silica; a dust that is part sand, rock and mineral ores such as quartz,” said Jamie Garfield, M.D., pulmonologist and volunteer medical spokesperson for the American Lung Association. “Over time, exposure to silica particles causes scarring in the lungs, harming one’s ability to breathe. The good news is that this disease is completely preventable.”

“The creation of the new video, and our Lung Association partnership, represents a major step in amplifying our educational initiative developing, delivering and promoting tools and resources that actively engage workers in lung disease prevention and disease management,” Hurtado said