AMITYVILLE, NY -- Infinity Drain, the brand that has been shaping barrier free bathroom design with innovative solutions for over a decade, is further simplifying the shower installation process with its new Site Sizable® Low Profile Linear Drain. The drain’s lower profile helps minimize the floor height needed to achieve a curbless entry.

“When developing new products, our engineers and designers are always focused on increasing efficiencies for installers,” said Jonathan Brill, president of Infinity Drain. “This follow up to our best-selling, award-winning Site Sizable option does just that with its lower profile design that requires less build-up on the final mortar bed.”

In addition to its lower profile, the PVC channel option has been designed with a new “mortar lock” to ensure that it stays positioned firmly in the mortar bed floor. Sold as a complete kit, Infinity Drain’s Site Sizable linear drains enable modifications to the length and outlet placement to be made on site.

“Our newest drain provides the ultimate flexibility by making it adaptable to site specific conditions,” Brill said.