MORENO VALLEY, CA -- As digital content demand has increased, iQ has created its own digital presence with the new iQ “Virtual Visitor” webinars. The iQ Virtual Visitor offers the opportunity to create interactive demos and engage in conversations with people virtually anywhere in the world.

Essentially a cord-free webcast studio on wheels, the iQ Virtual Visitor is ready to be guided through any warehouse, and is primed for interactive on-the-spot product demos.

The Virtual Visitor allows iQ to:

  • Take visitors on warehouse tours
  • Host live, interactive social media group events with live product demos and Q&A
  • Conduct step-by-step maintenance procedures for specific products such as iQ saws, etc.
  • Allows viewers ease of navigating across an entire warehouse without having to actually walk through it

To add personalization, in “webinar space” overrun with PowerPoint and recorded videos, iQ now introduces the people behind the brand. Via Virtual Visitor, iQ can communicate in a two-way conversation exchange. “We are more than a brand, we are a family,” said Sarah Hurtado, marketing communications manager of iQ. “We are excited to introduce this new digital platform that will allow us to bring people behind the brand in front of the camera. These personal, along with live webinars, offer a real look into the iQ Power Tools world. We welcome all who want to be a part of it.”

“As the saying goes, ‘necessity is the mother of invention,’ and, that’s what we offer at iQ,” added Paul Guth, iQ’s president. “We wanted to provide the industry a new virtual way to stay connected and build community within the construction sector.”

These live webinars/sessions will be recorded and available at any time for viewing via iQ’s website. Additionally, iQ’s team will be hosting a number of free, live events, including product training, tool maintenance, safety features, “how-to’s” and more via Zoom.

“iQ believes in personal relationships. There are actually real people ‘behind the tools’ here,” Hurtado added. “We care about both our customers and our customers’ customers. We plan to continue providing hours of educational and interesting opportunity videos during this time of physical distance. The iQ Visual Visitor is an easy and powerful way for our customers to see key features and benefits of some of our tools and the many benefits they offer.”

The iQ Virtual Visitor is available across iQ’s social media platforms: