M3LD is an interior design firm in Salt Lake City, UT, which was realized in 2014 by three friends, Andrea Beecher, Brian Garrett and Jason Frederick. With a focus on residential and commercial design, M3LD also creates artistic furniture, lighting and accessories to incorporate into their projects, and now, concrete and ceramic tiles.

“The collection we designed is called M3LD for Arto Brick,” said Beecher, co-owner and designer. “The tile designs are called ‘Brute’ and ‘Bruin,’ named after our paintable PVC wall tiles. Both are available in dimensional concrete or gorgeous tone-on-tone ceramic.”

The handmade tile collection, which was inspired by the cast concrete of brutalist architecture, is offered in three different designs. “A lot of our design is inspired by the cast concrete of brutalist architecture of the mid-twentieth century, which is as versatile as it is striking,” Beecher explained. “Our concrete tiles are a direct homage to the beauty and cleverness of that era. Designed to be hung randomized or in a pattern, these 20- x 20-inch tiles recall a time when masonry was sexy. They can be used indoors or outside, as a focal wall or piece of art; the options
are endless.”

For a local residence that sits at the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains overlooking the Salt Lake Valley, the team at M3LD was tasked with creating an eye-catching and unique accent wall that would withstand the test of time. “Because the house is an original Mid-century modern home built in 1967, we designed the wall to feel like it could have been installed when the house was built,” Beecher said of the 50- x 78-inch wall. “That’s the beauty of these tiles; they could easily be mistaken for an original architectural feature, but they also feel totally current. The client chose the style and color of the tiles, and magic happened.”

The tile collection, which was created in collaboration with Arto Brick in Gardena, CA, has been a hit with M3LD’s clients. “Arto Brick are masters of concrete, which is why we were so excited to work with them,” said Garrett, co-owner and designer. “They used our PVC wall tiles as molds, and each tile is painstakingly poured and cast by hand. The ceramic tile is also handmade, and then screen-printed for a stunning effect with multiple colors and finishes.”

For this particular project, the designers needed to ensure the trim and molding was the same depth as the tile to frame the wall, which is located near the home’s entrance in the living room. “With the deep dimensions of these tiles, the surrounding details matter,” Garrett said.

Although the wall took around seven weeks to fabricate, the installation was completed in two days. “We were there both installation days to make sure everything went smoothly, but really we were just excited to see the finished project,” Garrett said. “Everyone that sees it has to touch it. They can’t believe it’s concrete. The style fits so perfectly in the space, people constantly say that it looks original to the mid mod home it’s in.”

Private residence

Salt Lake City, UT

Designer: M3LD, Salt Lake City, UT

Tile Supplier: Arto Brick, Gardena, CA (M3LD collection)