FAIRFIELD, IA -- TerrazzoTek, a product of Creative Edge, modernizes the ancient art of terrazzo to deliver the classic beauty and durability that terrazzo is known for, with more control for architects, designers and contractors. Projects that utilize TerrazzoTek consistently experience shorter project timelines, lower costs and better outcomes in terms of design integrity and installation results.

TerrazzoTek is a system of three products that combine to transform the terrazzo design and installation experience when used alone or together.

  • StencilTek – Custom-fabricated interlocking plastic stencils that allow transfer of designs to substrate surfaces, making application of hand-bent strips easy and efficient. 
  • FrameTek – Precision-cut terrazzo frames produced from digitally rendered designs allow intricate detail and lettering in terrazzo surfaces
  • PrecastTek – Digitized cutting of precast terrazzo, prefabricated into intricate designs, resulting in detailed frameless terrazzo installations.