CHARLOTTE, NC -- The International Ceramic Construction (ICC) and International Cleaning & Maintenance (ICM) recently announced they will now be known as Müller Corporation, a group of companies which includes Müller Surfaces, Müller Industrial Services, Müller Academy and Global Tiling. The move aptly reflects the family owned businesses, which already complement and support one another under a single umbrella.

“We already feel and act as a cohesive group,” said president and CEO, Frank Müller. “It’s important that the industry plainly sees what we’ve known for many years -- that we are a single team of artisans, craftsmen, experts and professionals collaborating on behalf of our customers.”

The parent company for Müller Corporation was founded by Frank Müller’s father, Georg Müller, in 2005 in Germany. Based in North Carolina, the company has grown through its commitment to high European standards and the philosophy of responding to customer needs with quality solutions.

“Our expansion has been simple, really,” Frank Müller said. “When we see a need, we respond, yet we do so in alignment with our family values and commitment to quality.”

Müller Academy was founded in response to a lack of education and trade schools focusing on tile and hard surface installation, and now it is the premier school of its kind. Similarly, Müller Industrial Services grew from a need to care for the beautiful commercial installations with proper attention to detail.

Today, Müller Corporation has become a one-stop-shop for designers, builders, contractors and architects who want to collaborate to create exquisite tile and hard surface installations backed with exceptional German-inspired standards.

“Yes, I’m exceedingly proud of what we have created here in the U.S.,” Müller said. “But more than that -- much more, really -- I’m proud of our people. In many ways, this name change is about giving our team the recognition they deserve since within our company, we already feel and act as a single group. We have grown, yes, but we have maintained our family values and that’s what motivates me.”

Müller hopes the name change signals to the industry the importance of having all aspects of a project supported by a single company. From training to designing to installation to maintaining, Müller Corporation is making it clear these activities are working together for the benefit of the customer and in support of elegant design.

“There’s no doubt we are looking forward to this next phase of our growth -- it’s definitely exciting,” Müller said. “What I know from experience is we will only grow where we can maintain our high standards; that is a promise I know we will keep.”