ST. CHARLES, IL -- Architects looking for advanced flooring solutions can now sample Argelith ceramic tiles through Material Bank.

Argelith is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fully vitrified industrial tiles. Slip-resistant Argelith floors resist water, chemicals, heat, abrasions, cracking and more. They outlast other floor coverings in heavy-duty environments like auto repair, food processing and chemical manufacturing.

Material Bank is the architecture and design industry’s largest materials resource library. Users can browse and sample a variety of building materials, including flooring, wallcovering and paint.

Argelith president, Christian Nierenkoether, said the partnership will introduce a new audience to the long-standing brand. “There are a couple of industries in which Argelith is well known as the gold standard in industrial flooring,” Nierenkoether said. “We want to make it easy for architects who are less familiar with us to discover our products.”

Material Bank will be able to provide its users with samples of select Argelith products. Architects, contractors and business owners can also request samples directly from Argelith.

Argelith tiles are hygienic, easy to clean and environmentally friendly. These features are becoming increasingly important in commercial construction.

“We have helped many companies protect their facilities in a healthy, environmentally responsible way,” Nierenkoether said. “Material Bank is one more channel for us to reach people who are not satisfied with short-lived, chemical-based flooring.”

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