Ardex TL 1400™ | Ardex Americas

Ardex TL 1400

Ardex TL 1400™ is a self-leveling underlayment formulated to smooth substrates, including concrete, terrazzo, tile, epoxy coatings and non-water soluble adhesive residue on concrete. It’s the easy way to achieve an optimal, smooth and durable surface that is especially suited for large- and super-format tile and stone installations, as well as most other types of floor coverings. Ardex TL 1400 installs neat up to 1 1/4 inch (3 cm), is walkable in two to three hours and tile can be installed in six hours.

SL-150™ | Bostik

Bostik SL-150

Bostik’s SL-150™ is a fast-setting, self-leveling underlayment that can be used to create a smooth, flat or level surface prior to the installation of a wide variety of floor coverings. Its working time, low shrinkage and superior leveling properties make it the ideal product for demanding applications on, above or below grade. Walkable in just one to two hours, it can be installed from 1/4 to 1 inch neat. Bostik’s SL-150™ maintains healing and pour merging properties for up to 15 minutes and offers a fast install for ceramic tile in just four hours.

RedGard® | Custom Building Products


RedGard® Liquid Waterproofing and Crack Prevention Membrane from Custom is a ready-to-use, elastomeric product with outstanding adhesion that provides a seamless waterproof barrier and reduces crack transmission in tile and stone floor installations. RedGard exceeds ANSI A118.10, bonds directly to drain assemblies and is listed with IAPMO as a shower pan liner. This liquid-applied membrane is the first to exceed the low perm requirements of ASTM 96E for moisture vapor control in continuous use steam showers. RedGard also exceeds ANSI A118.12 for high-performance crack isolation and can achieve a heavy-duty service rating in interior or exterior applications.

Premium Waterborne Impregnating Sealer | Dry Treat

Dry Treat

Stain-proof Premium Waterborne Impregnating Sealer available from Dry Treat is a premium water and oil stain protection. It protects against efflorescence, freeze-thaw and salt damage. It can be used on a variety of porous, hard surfaces, as well as floors and walls in residential and commercial spaces, indoors and outdoors. It retains breathability, existing color and finish and has a 10-year performance warranty. It is also top rated (5 Grade) on ISO 10545 (stain testing on slate, gray granite, travertine and Carrera marble) and passes ANSI A326.3 Floor Slip Resistance Test.

HardieBacker® | James Hardie


HardieBacker® Cement Board with HydroDefense™ Technology from James Hardie is a 100% waterproof cement backer board that delivers an unmatched combination of strength, ease of use and excellent tile adhesion. Passing the ANSI A118.10 test for waterproofness, it offers the ultimate protection from moisture, eliminating the need to spend extra time applying waterproof coating across the entire surface area of your board. Just waterproof the joints and fasteners† and move forward knowing your work and reputation are secure.

†Some application areas such as shower pans may require additional waterproofing. Refer to local building code requirements.

Vapor Ban™ Primer ER | Laticrete

Vapor Ban Primer ER by Laticrete

Vapor Ban™ Primer ER by Laticrete eliminates the need of broadcasting sand into a moisture barrier or applying a primer after a moisture barrier has cured, which saves installers time and money. This product is an ASTM F-3010-compliant, epoxy-based, all-in-one moisture vapor barrier and primer, and thanks to its dual purpose, is ready for self-leveling underlayment placement in as little as three hours. It can be used for the installation of vinyl, rubber, VCT, carpet, wood, ceramic tile, stone and other moisture-sensitive floor coverings and floor adhesives.

Planislope™ RS | MAPEI

Planislope RS by MAPEI

MAPEI’s new mortar provides a quick and effective solution for sloping needs. Planislope™ RS is a rapid-setting, pre-blended polymer-modified mortar that includes a blend of select aggregates. It is designed for quick and effective pre-sloping under waterproofing membranes and thick-bed mortar installations. Planislope RS sets in one to two hours and provides a smooth, level finish. Ideal for use in showers, the product can be applied in other interior and exterior, wet and dry environments. Planislope RS is well suited for a variety of substrates, including ceramic and porcelain tile.

Fracture Guard FD | Merkrete

Fracture Guard FD

Fracture Guard FD is a low-VOC, fast-drying crack isolation membrane specifically formulated by Merkrete for same-day tile installations. Fracture Guard FD provides a thin protection layer to inhibit substrate crack transfers up to 1/8 inch. Because Fracture Guard FD is a liquid-applied membrane, it conforms to any shape or pattern, thus allowing endless architectural designs. Used on both residential and commercial interior and exterior applications, Fracture Guard FD exceeds ANSI A118.12 and offers essential crack prevention protection to the finished tile and stone surface.

Prodeso® | Progress Profiles


Prodeso® drain from Progress Profiles is a multi-functional membrane that allows waterproofing, draining and long-lasting floors. The Prodeso Drain is composed of a cyan-colored, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet with 4.5-mm-high truncated cone reliefs and a circular base. It is covered on the top with a thermowelded, non-woven polypropylene fabric and on the lower side with a polypropylene spunbond to guarantee the adhesion to the support and bonding to the floor, avoiding any issue caused by freeze-thaw cycles. Realized to drain water away, the membrane also prevents the growth of salt efflorescence and triacetates.

Kerdi | Schluter-Systems


To help installers achieve faster results, Schluter-Systems is providing its Kerdi waterproof membrane in a roll twice as wide as the previous roll. The new roll is 6 feet 7 inches (2 meters) wide. The length of membrane on each roll remains 98 feet 5 inches so there are 646 square feet of waterproofing membrane on each wide Kerdi roll. This wide roll can be used to cover the wall area from a shower floor to standard shower head height so the walls can be made waterproof with a single piece of Kerdi membrane.

Booster | Tenax

Tenax Booster 1 Liter

Tenax Booster 1 Liter is a multipurpose tile and hard surface cleaning product that can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks. It can be used as a stain remover (full strength) on specific materials or as a cleaner (diluted). Booster Tile Cleaner can be mixed for use in removing stubborn organic dirt, rubber marks, waxes and epoxy residue on tile and hard surfaces. Booster is pleasantly scented and colored.

CoverPrep | USG Durock™

USG Durock

USG Durock™ Brand CoverPrep Moisture Vapor Reducer is a universal, low-prep moisture vapor barrier designed for use over concrete substrates. As a low-prep moisture vapor barrier, CoverPrep can address productivity concerns by not requiring mechanical preparation for most applications. This water-based epoxy is versatile, as it can cover adhesive residues, chemically abated slabs, asphalt-based products, vinyl tiles, terrazzo and other well-bonded solid surfaces. It manages moisture levels up to 99% RH, pH levels up to 14 and moisture vapor emission rates up to 14 pounds per ASTM F1869 with one coat, and up to 25 pounds with a two-coat application.