DENVER, CO -- QuickDrain USA, a premier manufacturer of curbless and curbed shower solutions for showers and wet areas, recently launched two online curbless shower design CEU courses to provide ongoing learning opportunities for industry professionals.  

QuickDrain’s CEU offerings include a one-credit-hour course approved by ASPE, as well as a one-credit-hour course approved by AIA, IDCEC, AIRA and NKBA. In both courses, participants will learn about the benefits and correct use of linear drains in curbless shower design, including proper applications and installation. The following specific topics will also be explored:

  • Optimal design and layout for linear drain use, including water-flow requirements (gallons per minute-based), drain location and components of universal design.
  • Waterproofing methods and construction challenges, including the pros and cons of installation types.
  • Comparison of standard point drains versus linear drains, examining cross-sections of sub floors to compare floor requirements, necessary depth, and the benefits of using a no-hub connection versus two-piece clamping collar.

“The sleek, modern aesthetic of a linear drain -- combined with the accessibility and safety of a curbless shower design -- make it an essential topic of learning for today’s industry professionals,” said Darryl Jones, showroom manager for QuickDrain USA and a CEU course instructor. “We’re pleased to be able to provide further education about the benefits of linear drain technology through our new CEU courses.”

To learn more and sign up for an upcoming course, email