The interior of a historic Tuscan residence in San Guisto, Italy, was recently renovated to a B&B using Ceramica Senio’s ceramics. With its warm landscapes, good cuisine and artistic/architectural heritage, it’s known that Tuscany has always been the pride of Italy.

Supporting the owner, Francesco Barbagli, and his family in the design of the bathrooms was such a stimulating and high responsibility to the company, aimed not only to renew the bathrooms but also to preserve the historical flavor that characterizes the property.

United by the common passion for craftsmanship and color, Ceramica Senio decided to use glazed terracotta tiles, in combination with the traditional terrazzo and cotto flooring to create a chic, yet contemporary atmosphere. Tiles from the Newport, Westport and Chevron collections in a 6.5- x 26-cm (2.5- x 10-inch) “brick” size were utilized throughout all of the bathrooms in different colors.