Grand Resort Cyprus is situated in Amathus, 11 km from the center of Limassol, a context of immense historic and archaeological value. Here, infinite sandy beaches, warm crystal-clear waters, gently rolling hills and lush valleys mingle to create a scenario of untold beauty.

A holiday at Grand Resort Cyprus is a journey through time, from primitive neolithic settlements to the ancient kingdoms of this Greek city, its isolated Byzantine monasteries and magnificent crusader castles.

The luxury five-star hotel reserves the utmost well-being for its guests. Rooms are equipped with every comfort and there are numerous restaurants, bars, entertainment events with live music and cinema screenings, as well as a wellness area and spa rich in solutions and tailored programs.

Ceramiche Caesar was involved in the construction of this hotel, adding a touch of luxury with its Made-in-Italy porcelain tiles from its very own product range. Core, Life, Anima and Anima Select are the collections which have enriched and embellished interiors at the Grand Resort, combining superior aesthetics, technology and functionality.

Core brings the sheer force and purity of nature’s allure directly from the center of the Earth, transforming it into stone, which embraces all environments. This allusion to lava stone has been developed in five different colors and numerous sizes to maximize expressiveness in indoor and outdoor spaces. The Grand Resort pool area is a wondrous showcase, embellished with the nuances Island, Tephra and Soot, along with decorations from the ranges Relief, Ars and Composizione N. All of this is completed by edges and special pieces from the Aquae Wellness Project range, the porcelain stoneware project by Caesar, dedicated to areas featuring the presence of water. Solutions from this range provide aesthetic and technical continuity along passageways and pool sides, guaranteeing excellent results in terms of anti-slip performance, resistance, salubrity and hygiene.

The Anima and Anima Select series complete the evocation of stone, with the majestic and timeless elegance of the most refined marble varieties. Here, Marfil from Anima is proposed in the gold version and matched with the intense Nero Atlante from Anima Select. Both series evoke all the exclusiveness of this stone par excellence in the lobby lounge and in the suites, in the large 160- x 320-cm size, ideal for adding a touch of magnificence to spaces.

Nature also reigns supreme in the Life series, here proposed in Oak color and in the 30- x 120-cm strip size. Life combines design and aesthetic harmony, enriching spaces with the enveloping sense of warmth and well-being typically exuded by wood. The result of meticulous research into recreating the typical characteristics of this material and its effects, guaranteeing a ceramic interpretation laden with artisan tradition and contemporary innovation.