La Marca by Anatolia Tile & Stone


La Marca collection from Anatolia Tile & Stone


The elegance and allure of marble’s natural and timeless beauty can be found within the La Marca collection from Anatolia Tile & Stone. The ebb and flow of its subtle and ultra-realistic designs are perfectly executed in glazed porcelain. No expense was spared to deliver the best from the world’s premium marble quarries, resulting in the ultimate design definition, natural variability of marble facings and depth of color and shade rendition. The extensive formats, colors and finishes offered are perfect for a wide variety of design styles and spaces.

Bay by Azteca


Bay by Azteca


Bay by Azteca is inspired by authentic Azul Bahía marble from Brazil, which reminds us of the depths of the sea with its unique blue tones. The collection consists of three colors: Blue, which represents this marble as we find it in nature; Silver; and Grey — two neutral tones that represent original stones, since they cannot be found in nature.

Centenar by Bestile



Uninterrupted stone-look tiles give the perfect natural feeling. Centenar by Bestile features 17- x 52-cm porcelain wall tiles, which are available in five different colors. The surface is first exposed to intense heat to add texture.

Blustyle by Cotto d’Este



Outdoor was born from the awareness that the idea of spaces for living extends to all outdoor realms, by means of the faithful interpretation of stone as an expression of distinctive Blustyle by Cotto d’Este. Every outdoor area becomes a living space of exceptional resistance because the tiles are available in 12- and 20-mm thicknesses. A strong aesthetic value, an immense variety of tones, coupled with the extensive modularity of formats, means that Outdoor exudes elegance and versatility. The three colors — Jump, Run and Walk — are distinguished by a wide range of textures and formats.

Petrastone by Cancos Tile and Stone



Petrastone from Cancos Tile and Stone is a commercial- and residentially-rated porcelain tile inspired by the Mediterranean stones, made to emulate the timelessness of tumbled stone. The unique forged edges, undulated surface and v4 shading all facilitate vintage-like effects. With four colors, random color and/or textures differ from tile to tile. Blending tiles from all sizes and boxes ensures you achieve visual fluidity. Combine the five modular sizes or use them separately to create many different patterns. To add to its eclectic dimension, a herringbone and 1- x 1-inch mesh-mounted mosaic is also available.

Segments by Cerámica Saloni



Cerámica Saloni introduces the Segments Series into its product range. The ideal complement to Saloni’s products for both home interiors and commercial spaces, creating dynamic and attractive environments. The tiles are offered in a 7.5- x 30-cm white-body brick format for wall tiling, with a range of colors, from white to black, ivory, ash and gray, with a glossy appearance and surface with a certain movement.

Crete by Ceramiche Mac 3



Designed with classic terracotta and majolica tiles in mind, Ceramiche Mac 3’s Crete collection brings the charm of the Mediterranean region to any space. The porcelain tiles are available in two sizes — 5 x 10 and 10 x 10 inches — and six colorways: Beige, Cotto, Marrone, Avorio, Grigio and Nero. Two sets of decor mixes, Chiaro and Scuro, offer 10 different patterns for added graphic interest. Composed of porcelain stoneware, these tiles can be installed on floors and walls, both indoors and outdoors.

Heritage by Ceramiche Ricchetti



With a time-worn appearance and unrectified edges, the porcelain floor tiles in Heritage by Ceramiche Ricchetti evoke images of old French castles built from ancient, hand-cut stones. Heritage is available in four modular sizes ranging from 13 x 13 to 20 x 40 inches. A decor mix with 13 different graphic patterns is offered in all five colorways: Blanc, Sable, Cendre, Noir and Multicolor. The patterned tiles can be installed side-by-side to create a decorative ceramic rug or interspersed randomly among the plain tiles to add subtle graphic interest.

Cristallo 2 by Cobsa USA



Twinkle, the water jet mosaic from Cobsa USA, is part of the Cristallo 2 collection — just one of 10 new waterjet-cut mosaic designs. The background is authentic Italian Calacatta marble that is coordinated with an accent of treated brass and Nero Marquino marble. Nine unique designs are available, starting with one of the following — Thasos, Dolomite, Statuario or Calacatta — then embellished with either mother of pearl or some other precious marbles.

I Naturali by Crossville



Pietra Gray is the latest introduction in Crossville’s popular I Naturali collection. This line captures the timeless style, formal elegance and contemporary sensibilities of true stone in high-performance porcelain tile panels. The Pietra Gray panels come 1- x 3-meter outer dimensions, yet are just 5.6-mm-thick, and may be applied to floors and walls in commercial or residential settings.

Bee Hive Medley by Daltile



Many of today’s customers want to create unique, customized spaces that align with their personal vision and design style. With Daltile’s Bee Hive Medley, designers and homeowners can create fun, playful spaces. Featuring a small 8- x 10-inch size and seven colors, in addition to three-dimensional cube and geometric patterns, this concrete-inspired, hexagon-shaped line lets customers experiment with tile to create a bold, contemporary space. Colors available in this collection represent several of this year’s hottest trends: Blue, Hunter Green and Marsala, as well as white, black and neutrals.

Nature by Del Conca USA



Inspired by one of the most precious and rare Italian marbles, Nature by Del Conca USA is designed to reference the prestigious Carrara marble used in the creation of sculptures and to pave historic Italian buildings. The design features black veins on a white background, bringing together both classic and sophisticated tastes.

Kromatika by Equipe Cerámicas



Kromatika by Equipe Cerámicas is a versatile, hexagonal porcelain tile collection in a selection of 12 colors, combining elegant cool colors with warm or neutral tones. Each color comes in assorted shades. Kromatika stands out for its smooth, pleasant-feeling matte surface and small 4.5- x 4-cm format. Thanks to the collection’s small format, the tiles can be combined to create multiple different patterns, acting as a focal point in interior design projects where they are used. Perfect for use on both walls and floors. Grouting material of the same color as the tiles should be used.

Bloom by FAP Ceramiche



FAP Ceramiche’s Bloom collection offers one of the largest white-body ceramic wall tiles ever created, measuring 31.5 x 63 inches. Thanks to their large size, the tiles can be installed with minimal joints, thus allowing color and design to take center stage. These concrete-effect tiles are available in five base colors — Beige, Grey, White, Blue and Brown — and a few three-dimensional surfaces: Print, Star and Metal. The collection also offers a handful of graphic decors, including Rose, Dandelion, Delave and Jungle.

Lavik by Gayafores



Inspired by a type of slate that was common on the north coast of Norway, Lavik by Gayafores is presented as a compact stone, with a cement-like appearance and fine strata that simulates a realistic, three-dimensional effect. Referencing this fossil rock, with a foliated structure and a high content in quartz, chlorite and sericite micas, the Lavik collection consists of a monochromatic base with a palette of three gray colors (Dark, Grey and Pearl) together with a beige shade (Almond), as well as a slate-inspired decoration, with a relief that reproduces soft undulations in movement.

Boulevard by Grespania



The Boulevard porcelain tile series from Grespania draws inspiration from metal and stone. This remarkable synergy makes it possible to create environments that have a strong industrial style, but a natural look. Its light gloss inkjet finish gives rooms a light all of their own. Its three colors — White, Sand and Anthracite — along with its multiple formats — 80 x 80, 60 x 60, 30 x 60, 30 x 30 and 10 x 30 cm — enable perfect combinations within the series to create multi-format surfaces, a look very characteristic of the American market.

Patina by Island Stone



Radiating old-world beauty, the Patina glass tile collection from Island Stone expresses the strength of antiquity in a modern subway tile format. Architects and designers can create a variety of patterns with the individual 3 1/2- x 12-inch pieces. Setting this collection apart is a dreamy color, made with randomized patterns of abstract speckles and cloud-like wisps. The collection includes five colors: Akoya Pearl, Silver Lining, Champagne, Bright Side and Evening Onyx. With each unique tile, the interplay of color and light helps to create a dimension of beauty.

Chapter 9 Arroyo by Jeffrey Court



Jeffrey Court’s all-new Chapter 9 Arroyo™ adds 14 new product offerings, including extra-large-format options. Inspired by a passion for the natural textures and neutral colors found outdoors, Arroyo allows the three-dimensional surfaces to create an engaging installation without overwhelming a space. Plateau, available in a 12- x 35-inch format, features the mystic rippling of wind-blown dunes, which you can see and feel in the texture. This creates a clean outdoor oasis design in any space. Great for commercial and residential installations, Plateau is durable with an 11-mm thickness allowing for freeze-thaw climates.

Werkbund by Land Porcelanico



Werkbund by Land Porcelanico recreates a reinforced concrete, aged with the decay of vertical surfaces. This collection is inspired by the Green Code trend, where primitive surfaces are proposed and its haptic products have been thought to be converted into “ad-hoc” materials. The design of this collection seeks to cover large surfaces with an authentic look that will enhance the essence of the atmosphere, featuring three base colors — Ivory, Grey and Anthracite.

Haisen by Lunada Bay Tile



Lunada Bay Tile added a new color and two new patterns to its line of Haisen glass tiles. While this exquisite collection is reminiscent of the decorative bowls originally used to wash sake drinking cups during the late Edo to Meiji period in Japan, today “Haisen” recalls vessels that display flower petals floating in water. The dramatic-yet-soothing effect is very evident in the collection’s latest color, Starlight. The color pattern starts with light gray tones and transitions to very dark charcoal tones.

Inkwell by Mediterranea



Mediterranea fused the essential colors of black and white in a unique and creative way to create the stunning new Inkwell collection. Working with just these two colors, Mediterranea has leveraged its Dynamic HD Imaging™ technology like never before to vividly display black and white stone graphics on a 6- x 36-inch porcelain tile. The result is a carefully blended look found only in the rarest of stones, perfect for designer-oriented floors and walls. Commercially rated for superior performance, Inkwell is a completely unique black and white concept like no other in the marketplace.

Renzo by MSI



Welcome a new blend of neutral- and tranquil-colored tiles for your walls. The Renzo ceramic wall collection from MSI Surfaces features a variation of glossy, washed colors with a hand-crafted look. From light to dark tones, offered in a unique color palette of denim blue, on-trend grays, jade green and creamy white, Renzo is the perfect selection for your next commercial or residential project. This collection opens the door to fresh and innovative design ideas, with three sizes to choose from and coordinating trim pieces.

Regolo by Nemo Tile + Stone



Regolo from Nemo Tile + Stone takes a fresh, clean look at ceramic, creating a harmonious balance of shapes, functions and shades of color. Regolo explores flat surfaces and structured geometries that allow for surprising, creative interpretations. The ultra-matte opaque finish highlights the structure of the flat surfaces, emphasizing the value of the essential and elegance, as an invitation to meditation and creative freedom. The tiles can be applied on walls and floors and are available in a 3- x 12-inch format.

Artwood by NovaBell



Thanks to advanced printing technology, Artwood by NovaBell is defined by incredible realism. The graphics are inspired by natural hardwood flooring and are available in six refined colors: Maple, Honey, Malt, Clay, Cherry and Wengé. The 20-mm-thick outdoor pavers feature an anti-slip finish for installation on pool decks, patios and more. These porcelain tiles are highly resistant to UV rays, winter frost and chemical abrasions, and also prevent the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Coordinated indoor tiles allow designers to create a seamless transition between interior and exterior living spaces.

Michaelangelo by Porcelanicos HDC



Michaelangelo by Porcelanicos HDC is inspired by the Calcutta Blue marble. Realism and naturalness are incorporated in the random shapes that draw their bluish veins.

Circle by Realonda



The new Circle collection from Realonda, in a size of 30.9- x 30.9-cm, imitates the traditional mosaic with its characteristic circular shape, which also allows total grouting, losing the limits of the piece. It is available in glossy shades (Glossy White, Glossy Grey and Glossy Calcutta), matte shades (Black and White), a metallic color (Metal), graphic decoration (Collage), two marbles (Calcutta Gold Circle and Circle Marquina) and two wood-looks (Circle Oak and Circle Walnut).

Selva by Roca Tile USA



Create your indoor jungle with the Selva collection from Roca Tile USA. Either as a single pattern or patchwork adding a denim-print base, this series allows for creativity and excitement. It is suitable for both floor and wall applications.

ShoWall by Serenissima



The ShoWall range from Serenissima is marked by a wide selection of elaborate patterns with imagery depicting exotic flora and fauna, and geometric prints featuring Art Deco motifs. Measuring 24 x 48 inches each, these colorful porcelain panels deliver the same visual effect as a luxury wallpaper, but with the added hygienic benefits of porcelain stoneware. The tiles are compact and impervious to water, so they perform wonderfully in humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. It’s also naturally inhospitable to mold, mildew and bacterial growth.

Matter by Settecento



Designed in collaboration with Massimo Nadalini, Matter by Settecento is based on the sculptural ceramic tradition. The porcelain floor and wall tiles were formed using a series of plaster casts to create slight imperfections across the surface. The 3- x 12-inch “Stick” wall tiles are available in six colors — Leather, Orange, Eggplant, Grey Blue, Rope,- and Plaster — while the 24- x 24-inch floor tiles come in the three shades: Plaster, Rope and Leather. These glazed porcelain tiles are ideal for kitchen and bathroom settings, as they are water-resistant and inhospitable to mold, mildew and bacterial growth.

Sky by Unicomstarker



Sky from Unicomstarker offers a unique interpretation of Arabesque marble with dramatic, undulating veins. These porcelain floor and wall tiles come in four colors — Glace, Gris, Noir and Azur — and several geometric decor options like Mosaico, Hexagon and Cube. When installed across a large floor or wall, these tiles are sure to make a bold design statement. Sky is available in two finishes — Satin and Polished — as well as four 10-mm-thick sizes: 24 x 48, 24 x 24, 12 x 24 and 3 x 12 inches.

Harper by Walker Zanger



The Harper collection from Walker Zanger is a line of ceramic tile rejoicing the saturated, yet organic hues found in nature. Harper can be stacked in a variety of color and pattern combinations to create a harmonizing display of Bohemian chic intensity and contemporary style in any interior residential or commercial application. Harper is available in one 2 1/2- x 8 5/8-inch field tile and coordinating demi-bullnose trim in 10 gloss colors. The nature-inspired color palette has a lustrous high-gloss glaze that offers a unique depth to each tile.

Pool by Yurtbay Seramik



Shape the water with the Pool series from Yurtbay Seramik. Porcelain tile is the most hygienic and highly resistant material for pools. It offers a large variety of options and technical solutions for commercial and residential use with easy application. With three different, solid color options on a newly designed 5- x 10- inch size, the Pool series provides impressive freedom and durability.