ASOLO, ITALY -- Italian production, innovation and foresightedness: these ingredients have enabled Progress Profiles to become a world leader in technical and decorative profiles and fixing/laying installation systems, and to celebrate 35 years in business this year.

The company’s landmark birthday is an opportunity to continue striving towards a constantly evolving process of innovation, with products known around the world for their quality and reliability, always picking up on new trends and interpreting the needs of the sector.

Having gained an abundance of experience in plastic extrusion and metalworking in Canada, in 1982, Lino Bordin decided to return to Italy and set down roots for his business in Asolo in the Veneto region in 1985. He founded Progress Plast, updating the company’s image and name to Progress Profiles in 2010. The firm opened its new Asolo headquarters in 2015 and now has two overseas subsidiaries in New Jersey in the U.S. and Dubai in the UAE. In 2019, group revenues grew by 12% thanks to the support of 180 employees and 200 associates in Italy and around the world.

“Our company is constantly evolving, and we never stop innovating,” said Dennis Bordin, Progress Profiles’ president and CEO. “Even at a time of great uncertainty, the professionalism and unity of our dedicated team have enabled us to quickly recover from the slowdown we saw last spring caused by the lockdown. We would have liked to mark this important milestone differently, but I’m confident that we’ll emerge even stronger and will soon be able to celebrate our results together.”

Every year, 30 million linear meters of profiles are produced at Progress Profiles’ Asolo plant to export to over 80 countries -- from Portugal to Russia, the Middle East to South East Asia, South America to Canada. Progress Profiles is synonymous of quality, professionalism and reliability, thanks to the privileged relationship and partnership we build and strengthen every day with, distributors, retailers, contractors, tilers, architects and designers. Its overseas market accounts for an impressive 40% of total turnover.

Progress Profiles continues to experiment and invest in Research & Development, designing pioneering technological solutions with innovative materials and a special emphasis on the environment. With more than 50 patents that have been registered over the years reflect its commitment and creativity, confirming it as one of the Veneto’s most outstanding promotors of Italian excellence.

From small family business to flourishing international group, Progress Profiles keeps on looking firmly ahead to the future by investing in the local area and upholding the values that consolidates its success.