It seems like summer flew by, but doesn’t it always? Although it’s one of the most admired seasons by many, I am among the group of people that welcomes fall with open arms. 

While putting together this issue, I came across a befitting quote from American author, Stanley Horowitz: “Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting, and autumn a mosaic of them all.” In this edition, we have a focus on “mosaic tile designs,” which have been a popular form of tilework for thousands of years. 

While traditional mosaics clad walls, floors and even ceilings, modern-day artists have ventured outside the box, creating unique mosaic tile designs on different types of surfaces. New York-based artist, Allison Eden, recently created a larger-than-life high heel for a display at Bloomindale’s in Manhattan, which defies the traditional rules of mosaics. Standing 6-feet-tall and stretching 11-feet-long, the shoe features more than one dozen different-colored, handmade tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes. Learn more about how Eden and her in-house design team devised this design.

Not too far away, in Bronx, NY, an incredibly detailed mosaic mural was designed for a public school, which pays homage to the local animals and plants. Long Island City-based tile installer, NY Tilemakers, helped this art piece come to life, with the use of hundreds of handmade clay tiles, which were created using a silkscreen printing process. Read about this seasonal mosaic.

In addition to mosaic tile designs, we also discuss radiant heating in this edition, which is a popular trend in the tile industry as of late. Heating tiled floors have become all the rave, especially as the temperatures begin to drop. Through various technical focuses by industry professionals, discover more about these types of systems, how they operate and where they can be applied. And don’t forget to check out a range of new radiant heating products that are currently available on the market, which can be viewed also.


Heather Fiore, Editor