CASALGRANDE, ITALY -- Registration for the 12th edition of the Grand Prix, the architecture contest created, designed and organized by Casalgrande Padana, is now open. Thirty years of history, eleven editions and more than 1,700 projects from all over the world: this is Casalgrande Padana’s Grand Prix.

The 12th edition of the contest is dedicated to works completed from January 2016 to December 2021. Applicants can submit projects that feature Casalgrande Padana ceramic materials in public and private, new and restored buildings, interiors and exteriors.

The Grand Prix is open to all designers (architects, engineers, interior designers, private and public technical departments, architectural and interior design firms) who have created works using Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles for floorings and coverings of any type. Applications can be submitted by individual professionals or groups of professionals with a team leader. Submit a project here.

The results of every edition of the Grand Prix are collected in Casalgrande Padana’s Creative Book, created and distributed in collaboration with Casabella. This prestigious international architecture magazine has been at the center of the design-related cultural debate for over 90 years. The Creative Book is a precious volume that outlines the evolution of ceramic and its application in architecture. Each winning project is described in detail to open new paths for research and experimentation.

The Grand Prix recognizes the projects that best emphasize the technical properties and creative potential of Casalgrande Padana’s porcelain stoneware. Winners are selected among projects hailing from all over the world, thereby bringing together different experiences and contributing to the debate on architecture, design and technological innovation. This architecture contest is a major opportunity to verify and explore the state of the art of architecture.

Edition after edition, the Grand Prix has witnessed how Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles have been used in works of great architectural interest. It has also highlighted an increasing diversification in the fields of intervention, application techniques and designers’ interpretations -- from demanding modern architecture to the recovery and restoration of existing buildings, interiors and exteriors to floorings and facade cladding, special applications to high footfall areas and residential spaces.

From 1990 to today, the Grand Prix has investigated and described the primary role played by Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware in the architecture scenario, highlighting the intrinsic properties and ability of this material to keep evolving to meet any need.

The contest has accompanied the evolution of this product and its application in architecture, becoming a precious still image, an exciting moment of exchange and discussion that goes beyond the winning projects. This was possible also thanks to the international jury made up of industry experts, designers, professors and architecture critics. A diverse team that aims at creating a debate about the current situation and trends to help both designers and manufacturers.

Over the years, the Grand Prix awards ceremony has become a cultural event, also thanks to the highly iconic venues, symbol of culture and research in the design and architecture world, and the personalities involved.

Working with architects and supporting their ideas is an essential part of Casalgrande Padana’s approach to work. Choosing the right business partners means knowing how to do things well and being good listeners. Sharing goals, queries and solutions is the key to learning from one another, going beyond a simple product-service partnership.

This kind of bond triggers a virtuous circle that generates top-quality and highly innovative products and projects. And Casalgrande Padana is proud to have this kind of bond with some of the most authoritative personalities of the international architecture scenario. The company has always been committed to spreading knowledge, culture and technology to create a shared legacy in constructing the architectural landscape and improving living quality.

Casalgrande Padana has always promoted the integration between product culture and corporate culture intended as a sense of responsibility, enhancing the meaning of enterprise. And it has always considered its work as a resource for the entire society.