NEW YORK, NY -- Aimée Wilder presents an all new medium with the introduction of hard surfacing materials to her namesake brand’s product line. In addition to statement-making, geometric breeze blocks, Wilder’s first foray into tile includes terrazzo, as well as chic matte cement and saturated, low-maintenance ceramic options. The initial collection, Apogee, brings out of this world elements back to earth, inspired by the harmonious relationship between the moon and diurnal tidal cycle.

“My desire to try new things with the Aimée Wilder brand has led me to introduce this new material following a two-year development process,” Wilder said. “Apogee is an exploration of my patterns that has pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone. Normally, I work at a larger scale, in terms of pattern repeats, and the modularity of tile opens up a new world of possibilities.”

Apogee is grounded in the motion of waves, from the waveforms seen in audio to the movement of the ocean itself, complemented by the moon and its many phases. The four patterns -- Wavey, Mamba, Timewave and Moon Phases -- are designed to stand alone or in conjunction with solid and split tiles presented in square, hexagon and rectangle shapes that create variation in their layouts. The tiles are available in a coordinating range of colorways in patterned or solid options, for a modular mix of whimsical layouts.

A textural take on a modern herringbone, Mamba grooves in many dynamic configurations -- a snakelike shape twists and turns to form an infinite range of winding patterns.

A reprisal of the popular Earthlight wallpaper and fabric pattern from Wilder’s recent Eudaimonia collection, Moon Phase is in an eye-catching, geometric pattern featuring the cycle of the moon.

Based on reference images of a tidal cycle, Timewave is a modular, ’70s-inspired pattern that can be mixed and matched to create an alternating dual-color repeat, or a multi-color ombré.

A slightly irregular and directional print drawn from Wilder’s love for tropical locations, Wavey’s undulating ocean waves transport you to the beach within your space.

Aimée Wilder’s cement, ceramic, terrazzo tiles and cement breeze blocks are made-to-order, with a lead time of 6 to 16 weeks. Cement tile is produced in Vietnam, ceramic tile is produced in Mexico and terrazzo tile is produced in collaboration with Huguet in Mallorca, Spain. The modular tile line provides for endlessly customizable formats on both the floor and wall -- from backsplashes to accents and showers -- and can be swept and cleaned easily when sealed. With proper installation, cement and ceramic tile can also be used in exterior contexts, including swimming pools in tropical climates.

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