MIAMI, FL -- “Livability is the key to creating a luxury home that works for you and your family. This year [2020] showed us that people need to live differently, and that will continue into 2021 and beyond,” said design expert, Kevin Gray. “Livability is more than having a beautiful space, true livability means your home must be functional, as well as beautiful. Many people made temporary changes to their homes in 2020, but now are planning major changes in 2021 to improve their home's livability and functionality.”

Here is what Kevin Gray sees as emerging interior design and remodeling trends in 2021:

  • Home Office
    • A dedicated home office is not just a luxury, for many Americans who work from home, it is a necessity. Whether you are self-employed, your workplace office is closed indefinitely or if you split your work-life between the office and home, working from home is a lifestyle that many of us will practice for years to come.
  • Indoor-Outdoor Living
    • Homes with a seamless transition to outdoor spaces provide a feeling of spaciousness and allow for easy socializing, entertaining and exercising. Walls that directly open up from the indoors to outdoors - such as garage-type doors or bifold patio doors -- improve our quality of life. Outdoor living at home enhances livability provides a healthy lifestyle.
  • Walls
    • The design trend of removing walls to create open spaces has changed to provide more families with separate spaces for school, work and recreation. Everyone gathered around a massive kitchen island where children are homeschooled and parents work from home was a short-term solution. Today’s livable homes need separate, multi-functional spaces that can be created with permanent walls, sliding walls, or by incorporating design features that give the illusion of privacy.
  • Incorporate Technology
    • Previously, a smart home was defined as using devices to handle tasks such as turning on lighting or adjusting the thermostat. Today’s smart home needs to design for the gadget apocalypse of devices needed to work from home, remote school, recreation and entertaining at home such as multiple laptops, printers, tablets, gaming consoles, charging stations, Wi-Fi boosters and cables.
  • Serenity
    • More than ever, our homes are our sanctuary. Whether you live in New York City or Miami Beach, in 2021 we will be spending more time at home. Designing serenity into our home is key to peace of mind.

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