TILE Magazine showcases the latest tile collections on the market.


Concrete and Dots are the two sides of ABK’s Blend collection, a new ceramic surface concept that identifies contrasts and crossover effects as the stylistic essence of contemporary design. Blend Concrete is a concrete-look porcelain available in four colors and enhanced by graphic reproductions of tiny pebbles. Blend is ideal for both residential and commercial spaces and, depending on the size, is available in three different finishes suitable for any requirement: natural, lapped and P-tech.



Color is the key. Just as sunlight splits into the colors of the rainbow when it goes through a prism, Atlas Concorde’s Prism collection transforms space with the magic of a 13-tone palette. The original palette was specially selected by the Lissoni Associati studio led by Piero Lissoni, an exceptional color consultant. The graphic effect inspired by the flowing beauty of hand-troweled resin, calibrated according to each size, defines the temperament of each tone with a soft texture, sinuous lines and an authentic look.



Bondi by Bestile is a lovely little collection of whitebody wall tiles that instantly catch the eye. Perfect for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls or a decorative accent to add interest to living rooms, Bondi’s striking design instantly brings rooms to life. Bondi is vailable in six different shapes, seven shades and matte and glossy finishes.



The inspiration of Granum by Ceramica Fioranese comes from two granites of Brazilian origin: the distinctive blue of Azul Bahia and the deep black of Via Lattea, both crossed through by white veins and with a small-medium grain. The other colors start out from black, gradually shifting though dark and light gray to white. The subtle texture and veins, tempered with a very light white, reminiscent of the night sky in black, give the product a smooth, extremely sophisticated appearance. The porcelain tiles are suitable for indoor floor and wall coverings.



Portugal porcelain tile collection by Crossville captures the look of Portuguese Atlantic Dark limestone. The line’s six, versatile neutrals come in both interior unpolished and exterior finishes. The finishes allow for seamless, safe installations from indoors to out. The four interior sizes range from 24 x 48 to 6 x 24 inches, and exterior tiles come in 12 x 24 and 24 x 24 inches. The line offers a triangular and 2- x 2-inch mosaic, as well as bullnose and cove base trims. Responsibly made in America, Portugal is ideal for commercial or residential designs.



Daltile’s new Famed porcelain tile collection offers the look of five luxurious marble designs in on-trend colors, including a modern beige, warm whites and warm and cool grays. Diamond is a Calacatta Macchia Vecchia marble design with warm and rusty tones. Luxe offers the elegance of Agate striations. Iconic is a warm Tuscan marble-look with Onyx elements blended in it. Glamour lends sophistication by softening and refining the typically bold movements of Orobica marble, and highlights the visual with cool gray and hints of gold rust.



Del Conca USA’s Chamonix stone-look collection is the perfect solution for any indoor or outdoor flooring requirement. Chamonix acts as a testament to the gentle harmony of nature and man through an expertly crafted color palette of warm and cool shades. The palette composed of a rich gray tone, neutral beige and calming white provide an aura of relaxation.



Ege Seramik recently introduced the Quarzite collection. Available in classic sizes of 12 x 24 and 24 x 24 inches, this rectified porcelain tile offers the look of natural quartzite, which create contemporary visuals for any project. The Quarzite collection is available in four colors with a matte finish. The tiles even feature a unique sparkle, much like crystalline effects found in true quartzite. This sophisticated, attractive tile combines durability with a stylish appearance, and is ideal for any indoor application, on the wall or floor.



Bauhaus from Emser Tile honors a design movement that continues to inspire today. The collection stresses the inherent beauty in geometry and simplicity, as well as the importance of quality materials. Subtle color gradiations draw the eye and create a unique visual experience, whether on walls or floors. The collection is available in three colors (Silver, White and Gray), four patterns (Arrow, Croix, Floral and Krix), and two sizes (8- x 8-inch mosaic and 9 x 10-inch hexagon).



Inspired by the Sequoia tree, Gayafores presents Oregon. This is a quality, solid wood that is a highly prized and the most valued of all woods. The main feature is its striking reddish-brown color. Another feature of this wood is that it enables Gayafores to make large-format slabs because of the size of the trees, which reach a height of 90 meters. A 20- x 120-inch format imitates the lengths and natural patterns of the wood. Oregon is available in its most natural color and also in Walnut, Gray and Honey in the various formats.



imagine tile is excited to again be working with famed surface designer, Erin Adams. Surfboards is the first of three new wall tile collections that features several effects typically found in high-end hand crafted tiles such as selective crazing and a dry line process. These 8- x 8-inch, hand-decorated tiles are available in six different colorways. All are designed to be used either individually or together. imagine tile continues to make a strong push to add to its readily available tile options and will bring in the near future several more collaborations.



The Patina glass tile collection from Island Stone expresses the strength of antiquity in a modern subway tile format available in 3 1/2- x 12-inch pieces. Setting this collection apart is a dreamy color collection, made with randomized patterns of abstract speckles and cloud-like wisps. The collection includes four colors: Akoya Pearl, Silver Lining, Champagne and Bright Side.



Chapter 16 Park Place by Jeffrey Court transports us back to the Roaring Twenties in one of the world’s most renowned cities, New York City. A place well-known on the global stage for being glamorous, design- and fashion-forward, where Art Deco architecture and flapper culture dominated. Expanding upon the collection by introducing a new colorway, as well as three additional patterns that are a true reflection of the inspiration behind this collection. The new Chapter 16 Park Place now features four different colorways, 12 mosaic patterns, two field tiles and two finishing trim pieces.



The Werkbund collection by Land Porcelanico recreates a reinforced concrete aged with the decay of vertical surfaces. This collection is inspired by the Green Code trend, where primitive surfaces are proposed and its haptic products have been thought to be converted into “ad-hoc” materials. The design of this collection seeks to cover large surfaces with an authentic look that will enhance the essence of the atmosphere. Werkbund features three base colors: Ivory, Gray and Anthracite.



Monza Cemento large-format tile from MSI Surfaces lays the foundation for a truly neutral and muted industrial look. A tile that will complement any number of design directions with a sophisticated matte or polish finish. Durable and frost-resistant for both indoor and outdoor utilization, its concrete appearance encourages a timeless traditional style that can be incorporated in any flooring or wall installations.



Look by Museum Surfaces is an unparalleled wall tile collection in a 13- x 39-inch format and natural finish. It unites a metal finish with a selection of trendsetting colors for creating living spaces with a chic personality. Its colors range from neutral white or metal to in-vogue copper and blue. Because its colors can easily be mixed and matched, unique-looking settings with a strong exclusive appeal can easily be created.



Naxos’ new Anthology collection embodies a concept of beauty based on simplicity and on the original properties of natural materials interpreted through the expressiveness of white body ceramic surfaces. Wood, in particular, with the fibers and colors of the rarest, most exotic species, inspires the graphic design of this collection with its vague, intentionally flawed beauty. The warm colors create a cozy atmosphere underlined by non-reflective surface finishes designed to absorb light and underline the minimalist Nordic design of the collection. Anthology is completed with porcelain stoneware flooring in a color palette coordinated with the wall coverings.



Quilt from Mosaico+ and made available through Nemo Tile + Stone is inspired by the age-old, hand-crafted tradition, in which combined pieces create a unique geometrical pattern. The grout joints play the same role as decorative stitching in quilting. Quilt is a porcelain mosaic in which the modules can be installed uniformly for a geometrical effect or at random in an uneven layout that recalls antique Venetian Seminato pavings.



Ardesia by Undefasa is a stone-look collection of large-format wall and floor tile. With a classy look and an intense character, it was created to satisfy the needs of designers and architects. Available in three sizes — 60 x 120, 30 x 60 and 60 x 60 cm — and four organic hues, Ardesia offers a grounding ambiance to both interior and exterior spaces.



The Viva branch launched the new Metallica collection, an anthem to the iridescence and infinite reflected glints of metal. The new collection originates from meticulous analysis of the distinctive colors of metal surfaces to offer the incredible variations in shine and color shades typical of sheet metals, transposed onto ceramic materials to combine style with convenience. Available in four colors — Calamine, Dark, Steel White and Steel — the range extends from large slabs to brick sizes.



Handmade To Order is the first custom collection by Walker Zanger and was created to provide a personalized experience to fit any design vision. The single-batch ceramic tile collection is ideal for those seeking aesthetic exclusivity and personalization in interior residential or commercial spaces. The Handmade To Order collection includes 32 white clay body shapes varying from mesh-mounted mosaics to field and organic shapes. Out of the 108 color options within the collection, 39 are new to the brand and were developed to create a well-rounded spectrum of warm and cool tones.



Create a trendy natural look in your home with the Swan series from Yurtbay Seramik. The gorgeous, contemporary look of an 8 1/4- x 10-inch matte finish hexagonal tile brightens even the smallest spaces. If your bathroom, kitchen, fireplace or hallway is starting to look a little outdated, introduce two trends on a tile: the hexagonal shape and the natural marble-look.