TREVISO, ITALY -- Designed by Vittorio Gennari, this penguin’s gesture (dabbing) refers to a pose struck by athletes after an exceptional performance or by footballers after a goal, a gesture of pride that recognizes a great feat, imitated by millions of young people around the globe. Around 60% of the world’s penguins have disappeared over the last 50 years, yet this penguin seems to say “I'm here and I'm a hero.” This call for attention is meant to raise awareness about what’s happening to those (besides us) who live on planet Earth.

Designed using the low-poly technique, this ceramic penguin is defined by a few lines, while its facets are emphasized by the introduction of precious metal enamel. As essential as possible, it's as if the penguin were disappearing. The result is a form that suggests a presence that is slowly being reduced, until it disappears, a representation of the time that is coming to an end.